Sunday, January 21, 2007

in the afterlife

According to a recent news story, more people die in January than any other month. I used to think there was a rush on deaths during the last week of December even though I should have reason to know better. Today happens to be the anniversary of my father's death. I can't visit his grave today but I can look at some photos my daughter took on Memorial Day. Wikipedia has a list of famous people who also died on this date. I'm imagining Dad at some sort of celestial cocktail party with Jack Lord, Peggy Lee and the guy who played Alfalfa.

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Blogger Polly said...

While I can envision a celestial cocktail party, I can't see Alfala throwing one back. Maybe a yoohoo? BTW, did you ever find the Garrison Keillor recording your dad had listened to? I enjoy your blog:)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read the stuuf about the guy that played Alfalfa. I was shocked that he pulled so many dangerous stunts on the set and that he was shot to death a 31 over a $50 dissagreement. Who knew. Well I'm sure you did, but I sure didn't.


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