Wednesday, January 10, 2007

keeping up with the Haslams

Part of Middlebrook Pike is a "scenic route." I'm not sure exactly what that means but I once heard it had something to do with restricting billboards along the side of the road. Yesterday I used the camera phone to take some pictures along Middlebrook to illustrate a point. There's an older Weigel's store near Vanosdale Road and a newer one at Gallaher View Road. They both have reasonably sized signs to identify their brand and show their gas prices.

A new Pilot Food Mart just opened on Middlebrook Pike at Joe Hinton Road. It has a sign that seems much larger than necessary with brightly lit gas prices that can be seen from quite a distance at night. There's a Pilot along the Interstate with a similar sign.

Middlebrook Pike is changing. At least two small strip malls are in the works. One will be near my favorite BBQ shack and another will be near the new Pilot. Today I spotted some guys with a backhoe starting to remove the sign at the Weigel's near Vanosdale. They told me it will be replaced with one like the sign at the Weigel's down the street. As long as it's nothing like the monstrosity of a sign at the new Pilot.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an eyesore! I live near that new Pilot. Their sign is way too big. I can see the lights from the gas prices out my bathroom window. Ugh!

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

We drove past the Pilot at I-40 and Walker Springs tonight. Its sign is actually less obnoxious than the sign at Middlebrook and Joe Hinton. Too bad the sign on Middlebrook isn't as "tasteful" as the one along the Interstate.


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