Saturday, January 06, 2007

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The restaurant business is tough. I'm still bummed that Copeland's closed shortly before I moved to town almost five years ago. I noticed today that another of my favorite places, Corky's Ribs & BBQ has closed their restaurant over in the fancy-schmancy Sequoyah Hills part of town. I like my ribs like I like my comedy, dry. I would order the dry ribs to get a taste of Memphis, home to the original Corky's. I first enjoyed dry ribs in Virginia at Red Hot & Blue. I even had some on my last trip to Fairfax in October. When I called tonight, the outgoing phone message at Corky's said that they will relocate. I hope they do. They used to have another location that was more convenient to me. We would eat at the Corky's at Cedar Bluff and Peters Road somewhat regularly but I was still surprised by its closing. The restaurant was decorated with the kind of pop culture detritus that can be found in almost every Cracker Barrel, Famous Dave's, Fuddruckers, etc. One of the items on the wall at the Cedar Bluff Corky's was an antique advertising sign for Griesedieck Bros. beer. I wish I could have bought it from them before the restaurant closed. My wife is related to the Griesedieck family and it would have made a good gift for her or for her brother. Maybe she'd like a t-shirt or a hoodie someday instead.

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Anonymous Kristin said...

Frank, I loved the Corky's in Sequoyah Hills, and I am truly upset that they've closed. I'm from Memphis, and Corky's is the only decent bbq in Knoxville!


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