Tuesday, January 09, 2007

where news comes first

Tearsa Smith was right. I didn't need to call her out over the photos she took while co-hosting the radio show with me. I only mentioned it publicly in Friday's post because I wanted an excuse to reference the famous Casey Kasem rant. As you can see, the lovely Tearsa did send the photos. Standing next to her makes me look older and whiter than ever. By myself, I just look exhausted.

Heather Kovar also left a comment on Friday's post. She writes that she has indeed done stand-up comedy and that she does work at a channel similar to the one on "How I Met Your Mother." Although the news channel on the sitcom is based on NY1, a station that is Heather's competition. Thanks for the comments ladies!

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Blogger Aaron Campbell said...

I think that we are going to lose our only Audiometrics cd player at our station and that bites because they are wonderful.


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