Wednesday, February 21, 2007

dust to dust up

Including myself, I counted four radio personalities at Ash Wednesday Mass this afternoon. I also saw two TV sportscasters in the congregation. It's no wonder our diocese is the most vibrant. I won't name the other media Catholics in case they are more private about their religious beliefs than I am.

Byron Chesney can ask the local sportscasters about their religion if he decides to interview them for his newly resurrected Knoxville Trivia Blog. I'm glad he brought it back. His site has taken over as your best source for Abby Ham news and information. Yesterday he posted Abby's response to some criticism about her coverage of the McClung Warehouse fire. Abby explains why it may have looked like she pushed another woman while trying to make room for her station's camera. It's not like she was getting ready for a wrasslin' match with Tearsa Smith and Stacy McCloud.

Another new Knoxville media blog sometimes has interesting stuff. I would consider adding it to my blogroll if it hadn't taken the same name as a famous website that's been around for almost ten years. That shark has already been jumped.

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Blogger Byron Chesney said...

Hey Frank, thanks for the kind words. I was a little embarrassed after sending you that whiney email and then bringing the blog back just days later...
You are still the number one source for Abby info, but I was so glad to be able to give her the chance to defend herself, she's a real sweetie.
btw...great sound byte!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frank, Here's my Q... Did you give up anything for Lent? Besides PeterPan PB? :)
For some unknown reason I can't sign on as a blogger any longer.
BTW It's Polly... and I may have to start over as a new blogger and seriously consider blogging something. Thanks so much for answering.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Hi Polly,

It sounds like a cliche but I gave up sweets again this year. As you would guess from reading my blog, I crave desserts at all times. Plus we try to go to extra church services during Lent, sometimes on Friday nights.

All the best,


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