Thursday, February 08, 2007


Saddened and disappointed are the words that come to mind upon hearing of Anna Nicole Smith's passing. Her death caps off a series of recent tragic events. I first heard of Anna Nicole in the early '90s from my friend Bean, who was a fan of her work as a Guess model before she was in Playboy. I think she may have eventually appeared on his radio show while promoting her series on the E! Network. I never met Anna Nicole myself but my daughter met her son Daniel when he briefly attended the same school in Burbank. I don't think money would have solved her problems but I do think that Anna Nicole deserved to get a large sum after J. Howard Marshall died. Not all his money, but a lot of it.

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Blogger Gvav1 said...

Tragedy strike, Marilyn Monroe style, again.

Anonymous bean said...

...except marilyn monroe had some talent and there was some reason to mourn her.

look, even anna nicole's family hated her. only her money- grubbing attorney tolerated her and even he didn't care enough about her to get her help.

there is no tragedy here. her infant daughter is certainly better off being raised by whoever gets her than that woman.

she was a selfish, stupid woman who had every opportunity to make a positive contributionto the world and didn't. she will not be missed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

True, it isn't a surprise. And Anna's baby will most likely receive better care w/o Anna... But Bean, that's harsh!
Submitted by: Polly (who can't disable a cookie)


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