Friday, February 16, 2007

just say no

Tonight's "20/20" is scheduled to include a segment that is critical of LA Weight Loss. In a version of the report that is already online, a dissatisfied customer complains that she was coerced into buying vitamin supplements. The woman says she was unable to resist the sales pitch. To make matters worse, she says that instead of losing weight, she gained 12 pounds.

Readers of my blog probably know that my wife and I both followed the LA Weight Loss plan successfully. She lost 70 pounds and I lost 60. We lost the weight without buying the optional vitamin supplements. We were offered the opportunity to join the program in exchange for writing and producing a new radio commercial each week. Last night we recorded our 70th spot for them. Instead of being paid the standard talent fee for commercials, we would visit the LA Weight Loss center three times a week to weigh in and to have our food diaries reviewed by the counselors. Now that we are in the maintenance phase, we only have to go once a week. As part of the trade agreement, we also receive a supply of delicious "LA Lite" nutrition bars, which retail for about $2 each.

We found most of the counselors at the West Knoxville location to be helpful and genuinely interested in our progress. They would occasionally suggest that we buy their supplements. We would decline because we wanted the power to keep the weight off by controlling our portions and by making healthy food choices. If we had the self control to follow the program and to stop eating so much, we certainly had enough will power to turn down a sales pitch for vitamins.

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Anonymous nyeboy9 said...

I'll have to watch 20/20 tonight. I almost immediately thought that it was the lady's fault, but I'll see what she has to say first.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see your comments about the segment. As you may imagine, I felt a bit uneasy watching, since I enrolled in the weight loss program less than 1 week ago. Everyone I have encountered there seem very nice and professional and genuinely interested in my success.


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