Wednesday, February 14, 2007

what's the next line?

The earworm stuck in my head goes like this: "I've been living with a shadow overhead..." You've probably heard Hugh Grant singing it in the commercials for the new movie "Music and Lyrics." If enough other people feel like they also need to hear the rest of the song, the movie will do big bucks at the box office. The fragment is from a song called "Way Back Into Love."

For the concept of the movie to work, "Way Back Into Love" has to be believable as a hit record. The idea reminded me of "That Thing You Do," another movie whose plot revolved around the characters creating a pop hit. I was more than a little surprised when I found out that the two songs were written by the same person in real life. An article in the Boston Globe mentions that the songwriter is Adam Schlesinger from the group Fountains of Wayne, the band best known for the song "Stacy's Mom." That's another song they could build a whole movie around.

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