Thursday, April 19, 2007

north and south

Blogger Rich Hailey is organizing another BlogFest at Calhoun's this Saturday. I would like to go but I'll be at work. My family and I will try to attend the Knoxville Yankee picnic on Sunday at Admiral Farragut Park. We can only stay a short while but it will be worth it if I can grab a slice of Brooklyn's Original Pizza and a Devil Dog.

I wanted to go to Market Square tonight to see George Thorogood but I didn't make it. Anybody want to share their photos from the concert? I was at Market Square earlier today to emcee the Mayor's Cup Race Walk, a tongue-in-cheek event to promote alternatives to driving alone. Here's a photo of me with Missy Kane, Mayor Mike Ragsdale, Mayor Bill Haslam and Councilman Chris Woodhull.

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