Friday, April 27, 2007

Odessa, Texas... hello...

The cast of "Heroes" finally turned up on "Larry King Live" tonight. They got bumped two months ago due to the glut of Anna Nicole Smith coverage. With each question, Larry made it more obvious that he has never seen the show and probably never will. He kept trying to get one of the cast members to agree that they thought "Heroes" was a crazy idea for a show when they read the pilot script. Like James Lipton, Larry mostly asked about the audition process and the craft of acting. I would have liked to hear more discussion on the issues the show raises about people with different abilities who must work together for the greater good.

A couple named Mark & Rhonda sent me an email asking if this would be the only season for "Heroes." They wondered what would be left for the characters to do after they save the world. Besides, shows that good have a habit of getting canceled too soon. The good news is that the series has already been renewed for a second season. Each season is like a book with a beginning, middle and end with each episode its own chapter. I prefer the one season story arcs on "Heroes" and "24" to the multi-year plan for "Lost." It's easier to kill off old characters and bring in new ones without the negative backlash that "Lost" got for doing the same thing. Of those three shows, I'm most excited about seeing the season finale for "Heroes."

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