Sunday, May 13, 2007


Chuck Riley was the imaging voice of two of the radio stations on my résumé. His big deep voice once resonated over the airwaves of WAVA and Power 106. Chuck passed away on Thursday. I got the news today in an email from Big Lee Chambers, webmaster of a great WPGC tribute site.

The guy I was rooting for didn't win "Survivor: Fiji." Not only that, he was denied his chance to go before the jury when another contestant broke a promise. I'm being vague for the benefit of any West Coast readers who haven't seen tonight's show yet.

Knoxville's loss is Chattanooga's gain. Bishop Kurtz has decided to transfer Fr. Tony Dickerson from All Saints Church to Notre Dame High School, effective July 1. Fr. Tony might care to know that the guy who played Principal Belding is an alumnus of NDHS.

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Blogger ladyvolsfan_99 said...

Hi Frank,
I graduated from Notre Dame H.S. in Chattanooga in 1986. I knew that "Mr. Belding" was from Chattanooga, but didn't realize he went to Notre Dame as well. Thanks for the info!
I love listening to you, Marc & Kim in the mornings, you guys are great!!

Anonymous Tonya Estep said...

Big surprise that Dreamz broke his promise. I can't believe Yau Man actually trusted him. At least Dreamz didn't get any votes!

Anonymous nyeboy9 said...

"Dreamz" actions on last nights show was horrible. I can't believe how he could tell Jeff at the Reunion show that he was playing Yau the entire time. No way. Just watch the clips. He only thought about the car. The million dollars never crossed his mind, he only thought "I'm going to get a car." Just horrible. He should have given Yau the truck back.

Plus, what was up with Lisi? What did her "water shoes" question have to do with anything? She than says that they are all driven by greed! What, would Lisi not like to have $1 million?

At least I have 24, Pirate Master, and Survivor: China to look forward to.


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