Thursday, May 31, 2007

hyperactive hyperlinks

One of East Tennessee's top blogs, KnoxViews, added me to the blogroll this week. As you can imagine, I am very complimented.

The Knoxville Tennessee Blog namechecked me in a recent entry. The author is willing to pay $10 if I will ride downhill in a Zorb with News Sentinel blogger Michael Silence. I don't know why I was chosen for this honor but I do know that I owe KTB an email after being invited to be a hyperlocal contributor. I've delayed responding because I've been writing so much about Virginia, Burbank and television lately.

Of all the pages that link here, my favorite won't turn up on Technorati's list of them. Today my daughter built a webpage for a school assignment. It has some family pictures, a short bio and a link to her dad's silly little blog.

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Anonymous KTB said...


Yea, what's with not getting back to me on the email. HA!

I just thought you and Mr. Silence would make for a good photo op. I'm planning on selling the picture to recoup the money I pay on the bet (and then some).



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