Wednesday, May 16, 2007

like a pushmi-pullyu

Two things on tonight's "American Idol" foreshadowed the shocking elimination at the end of the show. Blake and Jordin had big crowds at their hometown rallies. As Seacrest announced that the video package of Melinda's trip to Nashville was coming up, he said "and Melinda goes home next." There seemed to be fewer fans welcoming Melinda than there were for the other two.

Viewers of "The View" were reminded today that Elisabeth Hasselbeck picked Blake and Jordin to be the final two over a month ago. On "Access Hollywood" tonight, Katharine McPhee predicted a Jordin victory in the finals. In her blog, News Sentinel movie critic Betsy Pickle makes a strong case as to why Jordin would be the best fit for the Idol machinery. It makes sense. Except for Kelly Clarkson, most Idol winners have not fared as well on the pop charts as their runners-up. Losing could let Melinda and Blake have more control over their careers.

Maroon 5 performed on "American Idol" tonight. They'll be on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. Last night Blake did a very good cover version of their song "This Love." As we watched the band, my family was reminded of the time we saw them live here in Knoxville. In 2003, I worked for a radio station that booked Maroon 5 to be the opening act for Jason Mraz at the Saturday Night on the Town free street festival (or SNOTT as it was called in the internal memos). We were surprised that the band chose to end their set with an unedited cover version of the Nine Inch Nails song "Closer" (NSFW). A funnier cover version of that song is by lounge singer Richard Cheese.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think Carrie Underwood is doing better than Bo. i haven't heard from the long-haired rocker in quite some time. maybe Carrie took a golf club to both tail lights on his pretty little 4-wheel drive.

Blogger D.O.M. Dan said...

I was so disappointed that Melinda was booted.


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