Tuesday, May 22, 2007

not live, not from New York

Tonight's Einstein Simplified improv show was videotaped by a crew from Blue Diamond Media. It must have come up quickly. The email notifying the group arrived during my nap. Fortunately for me, I turned on the computer to send an email to some co-workers before leaving the house tonight. If not for that, I would have arrived at Patrick Sullivan's and been surprised to see the lights and camera. The last time we posed for a group photo, the email notifying us also came during my nap and I showed up at the bar wearing a shirt that I didn't really like. I usually don't wear my good shirts to a smoke-filled bar unless there's a camera involved. Yeah, I'm vain.

The highlights of our performance tonight will be seen on a show called "What's Really Good." It is supposed to air Monday night at 11:30 on WVLT-2. It shows up in my TiVo listings as "Paid Programming."

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