Saturday, May 26, 2007

nothing beats a nice paracletes

Being out of town for the weekend means visiting a different Catholic church on Saturday night or Sunday morning. Sometimes we see things worth mentioning to the people who run our parish back home. Tonight my family and I went to Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Vienna, Virginia. My mother-in-law is a parishioner there. I had heard that Robert Hanssen, the notorious spy whose story is portrayed in the movie "Breach," was also a parishioner but that he often went to Mass at St. Catherine of Sienna.

At All Saints in Knoxville, the Prayers of the Faithful are read in several different languages on Pentecost weekend. They did that for two of the prayers at OLGC too but it was the way they handled the first reading that made me take note. Three lectors approached the altar and bowed. One went to the ambo, the other two to the cantor's podium. The lector at the ambo began the reading in English. After a sentence or two, the other lectors began reading simultaneously in Vietnamese and ancient Greek. The cacophonous noise might have resembled what the crowd heard that first Pentecost.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an interesting way to present the Prayers of the Faithful. Thanks Frank:)


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