Sunday, May 27, 2007

the same but different

Each student brought a different dessert to a recent event at school. I couldn't go but my wife did and made me wish I had. She said I would have loved the S'mores Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches. The cookies are similar to regular chocolate chips but with half the flour replaced with graham cracker crumbs. A slightly melted marshmallow gets squished between two cookies. Maybe I can get her to make them for my birthday this year.

Earlier today I tasted a new twist on a well-known marshmallow recipe. We are in Virginia for a family gathering this holiday weekend. One of my brothers-in-law made something similar to the classic Rice Krispies Treats. He started with a recipe from "Good Eats" on Food Network. Although the TV recipe calls for puffed brown rice, he used organic Kamut Puffs because that's what he had in the pantry. Instead of flax seed oil, he coated the pan with olive oil, again because it was handy. Like the recipe, he added chopped almonds and assorted dried fruits to the mixture. It was fantastic. I may never want regular Rice Krispies Treats again. Sorry Snap, Crackle and Pop.

The main course at today's feast was BBQ from a place called The Barn Door Restaurant & Catering Company. The pulled pork was excellent but the item that had everybody talking was their "Hawg Wings." They seem to be small rib bones with a lot of meat on them. Either that or they found a way to make the proverbial pigs fly.

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Blogger Chris said...

I am starting to think you are addicted to BBQ....I guess you're ok after all ;)


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