Friday, May 25, 2007

uniform resource locator

While on a long car ride today, some web addresses caught my eye. One was on a billboard at the Gallaher View exit off I-40. I know what it was supposed to say, but the URL could have been misinterpreted as Gored For Women. In the car, I read a press release for a traffic safety site that looked like Drivings Kills For Life. My macabre favorite was magazine article mentioning a link in honor of Memorial Day. On an unofficial Arlington Cemetery website you can read all about the Tomb o Fun. Their unfortunate abbreviation makes it sound like an amusement park attraction. The real site is here.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too have seen the billboards here in WV and got a real chuckle out of the same observation that you made!

Blogger Chris said...

This isn't a URL but for the past several months, there was a sign just before Gallaher headed east for a rehab service that said "There is hope ahead". I couldn't help but realize that Toddy's was only an exit or two up!

I am sure it was just a coincidence, right?


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