Saturday, June 30, 2007

everybody had matching towels

Once a year my family likes to celebrate with a lobster dinner. For the past few years we've ordered our crustaceans from The Shrimp Dock in Bearden. A recent posting on a News Sentinel business blog (found via Michael Silence) mentioned that the store now has a 24 hour webcam. If you happened to be on the Shrimp Dock site around 3:30 this afternoon, you saw me, happily examining my live lobsters.

In years past, I ate a large lobster all by myself. Nowadays, my mantra is portion control. Last year and this year, my wife and I shared a two pound lobster, which yields about three ounces of meat for each of us. I don't know if the old me qualified as a true "foodie" but I did often take pictures of my favorite meals. Here's my lobster from three years ago:

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Anonymous Christy Lewis said...

Hey Frank I just got through reading your blog about your lobster meal and I was wondering....Why don't you continue to take pictures of your favorite meals now days and compare them. I'm sure they will be completely different! Just a thought!

Long time listener,
Christy Lewis


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