Tuesday, July 03, 2007

brick and mortar

Occasionally someone finds my site after searching for information about a new strip mall on "scenic" Middlebrook Pike. It's between a liquor store and a laundromat near the intersection of Piney Grove Church Road. On the other side of the laundromat is my favorite BBQ shack, M&M Catering. The other day a banner went up announcing that one of the businesses in the strip mall will be Nixon's Deli. which usually scores well in the annual newspaper reader polls.

Another new restaurant is being built farther down Middlebrook Pike near the intersection of Cedar Bluff Road. A clerk at the Walgreens next door told me that the new building will be an Aubrey's Restaurant. I found some references on the Internet that confirm the good news. I've eaten at the Aubrey's near the Landmark Center office building a couple of times and found it to be quite good. In the very near future I will try another restaurant in the Aubrey's family when I have lunch with a local forensic celebrity and his wife at Edison Park.

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