Thursday, July 19, 2007

deathly hallow's eve

An advance copy of the eagerly anticipated book arrived in the mail at work yesterday. I've enjoyed the writers' earlier books and will get a thrill from reading the new one before everyone else. However I won't be posting any of the pages on the Internet. The cover looks a little bit different than the one that will be available in stores. A small circle on the front contains the words "advance reader's edition, not for sale." On the back, there's a box with the heading "Marketing Campaign." The publisher promises a national broadcast and print media campaign, a 25 city radio campaign and a 6 city author tour with stops in Atlanta, Baltimore, Knoxville, Nashville, Phoenix and Washington, DC. The title is splashed across the front in red: "Beyond the Body Farm." It's the nonfiction sequel to "Death's Acre" by Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson. The new book has a chapter on the recent autopsy of the Big Bopper. The press release that came with the book offers a tidbit to entice potential interviewers. Dr. Bass has been asked to exhume and examine Harry Houdini.

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Anonymous Heather said...


Who knew you were SUCH a tease . . . ;-)

Anonymous bean :) said...

frank, that is so surprising to read of your interest in the body farm. why haven't you mentioned it before in your blog? you should really try to interview the author. i bet you would find him fascinating. is there a body farm near you in tennessee? maybe you could visit there too. just some suggestions now that i hear, for the first time, that you are interested in the topic.

p.s. hey, do you like improv comedy?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucky you. Will you go to the store tonight anyway?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

The title "deathly hallow's eve" could also refer to the date of Houdini's death.


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