Monday, July 09, 2007

go broadcast yourself

An unusually large crowd filled the upper room at Patrick Sullivan's last Tuesday night. It was the night before a holiday and they were looking for a laugh. The audience had a lot of energy which resulted in plenty of good suggestions for my improv brothers and me to play with on stage. It was one of our better performances. I was using the restroom after the show when I heard a booming voice behind me calling my name. It was "Big Brother 2" contestant Kent Blackwelder. He said he enjoyed the show and invited me to visit his Eat N Run Deli in Powell.

Our last seven Einstein Simplified shows have been videotaped by a crew from Blue Diamond Media. The footage will turn up on their TV show "What's Really Good" and on another show that's still in the works. The owners of Blue Diamond's parent company, SCD Entertainment met with us after the improv show last Tuesday. They are starting to post some of our short form games on SCD's YouTube channel. The first three bits available online are from our June 5th show, which was, um, not as good as usual. As could be expected, I was my own toughest critic as I watched the segment that I'm in (some language is NSFW). It's a hybrid of "ABC" and "New Choice." I wasn't happy with my "space work." By kneeling or squatting, I could have better demonstrated that I was supposed to be swimming in muck, looking for goldfish. Fortunately I get a chance to try harder and perhaps do better every Tuesday night. See you there?

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