Thursday, July 12, 2007

muggle juggle

The secret to enjoying the new movie "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" is to forget the details of the book. Or at least put some time between reading and watching. I read the first six Harry Potter books over the summer of 2005 and I'm glad I did. The last couple of movies would be difficult to follow if I hadn't. However my wife and son recently re-read "Order of the Phoenix" so it would be fresh in their minds before we saw the movie tonight. I sat in the theatre ignorant, happy and reveling in the digital projection while my family members were a little dissatisfied because of all the things the filmmakers left out. The only real problem I had with the movie was an inconsistency with the way it looks when Sirius Black speaks to Harry through the fireplace. They should have made it look the same as in "Goblet of Fire."

A co-worker who saw the film Tuesday night was also let down. He too had just re-read the books to prepare for the seventh and final novel. I might skim through "Half-Blood Prince" before reading "Deathly Hallows" but I'll make sure flush it out of my brain before the next movie comes out.

We may have overestimated the crowds at the movie theatre tonight. We arrived at 7:20. Instead of buying tickets for the 7:30 show, we opted for the 7:45 screening to be sure that we could get our favorite seats, like we've done before. The ticket taker told us that we could have just as easily gone to the earlier show. Moviegoers in this area tend to arrive very close to the posted showtime. On my way to the rest room at 7:29, I ducked into the 7:30 theatre and counted 12 audience members. The seats I would have chosen were still available. On the plus side, I had some extra time to hear "Movie Tunes" with Kris Erik Stevens.

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