Sunday, July 29, 2007

where in the world is

Here's a little game we can play. Take a look at these pictures from my family's just completed 3,000 mile road trip. Try to identify these landmarks we visited as well as the city and state they're in. Post your answers in the comments section. Don't be anonymous, I hate that. Choose "other" instead. You can also print the page and have your kids write their guesses in the space provided. I will delay publishing the guesses until someone gets all five right. Tell us if you knew the answers on your own or if you "cheated" by looking them up on

1) ______________________________

2) ______________________________

3) ______________________________

4) ______________________________

5) ______________________________

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Blogger D.O.M. Dan said...

I'm only going to guess at three because there are two that I don't recognize at all, and I'm not going to cheet by looking them up.

1. Washington Monument, Washington D.C.

3. Niagara Falls, New York

5. Independence Hall, Philadelphia

By the way, I've rarely traveled outside of the Southwest U.S., so if I missed the three I guessed, I'm not surprised.

Anonymous nyeboy9 said...

Ok here we go, no cheating...

1. St. Louis Arch or Washington Monument. I'm saying the arch.

2. Word's Largest Stamp (not for postage)

3. I'm guessing Niagra Falls, but I'm not sure with the buildings in the background.

4. I think that is "The Big Duck." I saw that while I was in NY.

5. Independence Hall

I hope I did well!

Anonymous bean said...

frank, i think i would only guess at independence hall and niagra falls. is the first one the arch in st. louis?

i do know i want to go to the giant duck though and am eagerly awaiting the reveal.

Blogger Aaron said...

1. ?
3. Niagra Falls, Ontario. Also there is a great Pizza place there in Niagara Falls. They do oven baked pizza. It was down the street from Little Ceasers.
4. ?
5. Independence Hall

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's wrong with being anonymous?

Anonymous Lori Ingram said...

1. Washington Monument
2. Cleveland, OH World's Largest Rubber Stamp
3. Niagara Falls
4. The Big Duck-Flanders, NY
5. Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Anonymous Shelly said...

I've got three out of the five but I am still looking!

Anonymous Joy said...

1. Gateway Arch-St Louis
2. Willard Park in Cleveland
3. American Falls @ Niagra Falls
(You are on the American side)
4. A childs nightmare? Or a duck store in Long Island.
5. Independence Hall-Philly

I knew 1, 2, 3, and 5. I did have to google "landmark ducks" to find #4.

Anonymous Tonya E. said...

Well Frank I only know 1 and 3 as I have been to both of them. 1 is St. Louis Arch and 3 is Niagara Falls. The other 3 I have no idea. Would love to hear more about them though.


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