Monday, July 30, 2007

where in the world isn't

Traveling opens many possibilities yet it's impossible to explore them all. Last night my wife, our son and I got home from a great road trip that rivaled our 2002 drive from Burbank to Knoxville. On this journey, we passed through 15 states in a big circle stretching from the Mississippi River to the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. Whenever we crossed a state border, we tried to stop at the official welcome center to get a free road map. I enjoyed looking at the racks of brochures for the countless tourist attractions in each area. With only 8 days to cover over 3,000 miles, there was no way we could see everything. We drove right past and would have gone to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if it hadn't already closed by the time we got there. Moose out front should have told us. It's funny to me that a place built to celebrate rock and roll closes at 5:30 p.m. (except Wednesdays). Isn't that about the time most rock stars are waking up? I collected some brochures in case I can ever revisit those states. Here are just a few of the other places I would have enjoyed seeing:

Pro Football Hall of Fame
Wyandot Popcorn Museum
National Baseball Hall of Fame
The Mark Twain House
The Barnum Museum

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Blogger Aaron said...

If you thought that the Mark Twain house is cool you should go to Hannibal, MO. That is Mark's home town.

Blogger D.O.M. Dan said...

I'm jealous. I would gladly go to any one of those places for vacation (well, not so much the popcorn museum) and you visited them all - and more.

Anonymous Gayla said...

I think it's pretty neat you seen all these great (sometimes weird places). Did you know in Chattanooga going up to Signal Mountain there's an actual house that is shaped like an UFO. It's been about 9 years since I seen it but I'm sure it's still there.

Anonymous amanda said...

I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog and you work hard on it. I also enjoy listening to you on Star 102.1 in the mornings. I can still remember you as First Call Frank. :)


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