Monday, August 27, 2007

all toppings free

It's Burger Week on Food Network. I didn't know that yesterday when I suggested to the family that we go to Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries at Turkey Creek. The two episodes of "Unwrapped" that aired tonight were both about hamburgers. One was new, the other was from 2001. I watched the new episode, wondering if Marc Summers would mention Five Guys. Maybe next time.

The bathroom scale gave me some good news yesterday morning. There was enough wiggle room for a treat. Five Guys had been on my mind since the Sunday before when my son and I met local franchise co-owner Gibby Lepsig at church. One thing to remember is that the regular burgers have two patties. If you only want one patty, you have to order the "little" burger. One order of fries will easily serve three people.

The decor at Five Guys made me feel at home, or at one of my homes anyway. I had previously only eaten at the locations in Chantilly and Merrifield. Even in Knoxville, the walls are lined with Washingtonian magazine covers and articles. A large sign read "This place can't be beat." It was a quote from, a website considered to be one of Microsoft's rare failures. A small sign by the door asked customers to refrain from taking peanuts and peanut shells outside the restaurant "due to the possibility of severe allergic reaction in some neighborhood children." Above that was posted a photo of the Five Guys that will soon open on Emory Road.

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