Wednesday, August 29, 2007

picky wiki

When the recap of last night's Einstein Simplified show gets posted on the bulletin board, it might make some people wish they had been there. Former members Bill, Todd, Wes and Brad came to watch the show. They were all persuaded to make guest appearances on stage too. Todd and Wes helped us with "Greatest Hits." Brad delivered the closing line in "Scenes from a Hat." The highlight for me was watching Bill and Todd play "Invader" just like they used to in the old days. They haven't lost a step at all.

Last week marked the thirteenth anniversary of the first performance of Einstein Simplified. The group has been performing regularly since August, 1994. As far as I'm concerned, we more than meet the requirements to be considered an "improvisational theatre company." We have a stage, an audience and a history of entertaining East Tennesseans. I have repeatedly attempted to add our name to a list of improvisational theatre companies on Wikipedia. Every time I add it, somebody else deletes it. I don't understand why. Could it be jealousy over our high ranking in the worldwide Improv Top 50? Could it be that we perform in Patrick Sullivan's and The Comedy Zone instead of fancy places like the Tennessee Theatre or the Bijou? C'mon Wikipedians, cut us a break!

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