Friday, August 17, 2007

places to go or people to see?

Wisconsin is the 39th state I've visited in my quest to get to all 50. Since I got back from Milwaukee, I've was planning to update my "states so far" map as soon as I could remember which website had the map making utility I last used in 2003. It had been that long since I crossed a border that was new to me. On our road trip in July, I added Ohio, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to my list.

A piece of mail that arrived today has me wondering if I can add one more state this year. I got a statement from American Airlines. The good news is that I have enough AAdvantage miles to get a free flight. The bad news is that all my miles will expire on December 15 under their new policy. I don't have any vacation time available but I usually get one weekend a month off from work. Rather than let the miles go to waste, maybe I could fly someplace on a Friday, explore it on a Saturday and fly home on a Sunday. But where? It appears that all of American's flights from Knoxville go through Dallas or Chicago. It would make sense to pick a destination for which the layover is on the way. Or I could just go someplace I've already been and visit friends or family.


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Blogger Jennifer B said...

My parents live in Idaho and love to have people visit them. I think you and my dad would get along well. They've got plenty of room now that they are empty nesters in denial. Let me know if you want to talk about the possibility more. It would require flying into Boise for a 30-minute drive to their house or (if your airline doesn't make that easy), flying to Seattle and buying a cheap ticket for another 45-minute flight to Boise on one of the discount airlines. (They'd even take you on a tour of the Cheese Factory!)


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