Wednesday, August 01, 2007

schlemeel, schlemazel

Baseball purists often say that low-scoring pitchers' duels are the best games to watch. Maybe I would agree if a New York Mets pitcher had ever thrown a no-hitter in the 45 year history of the team. I like to see the Mets score lots of runs to win. Tonight the Mets beat the Brewers in a very enjoyable 13 run game. The convertible roof at Miller Park was open on a perfect night for baseball. We saw home runs, fielding errors, bunts and more. I'm in Milwaukee on a baseball field trip with a fellow Mets fan who works at another station in the cluster. The company that owns both of our radio stations is headquartered here. We were able to get two tickets in the company's block of seats on the club level for tonight's game and for the rubber game of the series tomorrow afternoon. That section of the stadium features a waitstaff and a menu of food options. The fans sitting right behind us had a five dollar bet on the outcome of the Klement's Sausage Race. One of the Brewer fans was convinced that "the hot dog was due" but sadly for him that's not how it turned out. The Mets gave up three runs in the first inning on a massive Prince Fielder home run but came back to score four right away in the next inning. The Brewers took the lead again but the Mets responded and stayed on top. My traveling companion plans to be a sports broadcaster someday. He recorded some video of himself at the game tonight and will eventually post it on his MySpace page. I hope he got some good footage of the irate fans yelling at him for wearing his Mets gear.

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Anonymous bean said...

frank, i love those pitcher's duels actually. my nerves can't take as much "excitement" as i got in the mariners' 12th inning 8-7 win last night over the angels.

i am envious you are seeing a game in milwaukee...that is one park i've missed on my stadium tour.

have fun!

Anonymous knoxvegas baseball fan said...

Milwaukee games are loads of fun. Wish I was going.

I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope more people start posting. You work hard on it.

Blogger Squirrel Queen said...

Any night you can root for or against a running sausage is a good night. Especially if it's in a ballpark.


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