Thursday, August 23, 2007

the show must go on

The laughter at The Comedy Zone was interrupted tonight by a fire in a back building. According to WATE-TV, comic hypnotist Rich Guzzi (who looks nothing like the photos on his website) was on stage with ten audience members under his spell at the time. Once I heard that everyone was evacuated safely, I thought about our improv group's gig at the club on Saturday evening. They said on the news that The Comedy Zone will reopen tomorrow night for the hypnosis show. You are completely relaxed now. When I snap my fingers, you will awaken. When I snap my fingers, you will show up at The Comedy Zone on Saturday at 6pm. At least it'll be air-conditioned.

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Anonymous Jeremy said...

I was at the Comedy Zone tonight when this happened! It was ironic because Rich had his hypnotized people thinking they were smelling bad odors from each other when the smoke started making it's way into the showroom. Then people started running toward the door and the owner came through and told Rich to tell everyone to get out because the building was on fire. I'm glad you guys can still perform this weekend and the damage wasn't too bad.


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