Thursday, August 09, 2007


The movie company will get a good report from tonight's word-of-mouth screening of "Superbad." The fans sitting next to me got their tickets to the sneak preview through a local comic book store. The turnout was strong. Some ticketholders who arrived five minutes before showtime were turned away because the theatre was full. As usual, the house had been overbooked. Betsy Pickle was there to review it for the News Sentinel.

The movie is a gross-out comedy with a premise similar to "American Pie" in that some high school friends each hope to get lucky with girls before graduation. They try to use a fake i.d. to buy alcohol for a party. Things go awry from there. The laughs are almost non-stop. Seth Rogen wrote the film and named the lead character after himself. The actor playing Seth has a mop of curly hair similar to Rogen's hairdo in "Knocked Up."

One of the girls in the movie was also in the short-lived Fox series, "Drive." I remember thinking at the time that I must have seen Emma Stone in other shows. Thanks to IMDB, I finally realized that the other show was "In Search of the Partridge Family" on Vh1.

"Superbad" comes out swinging, earning its R rating in the first few minutes. Michael Cera from "Arrested Development" excels with his low-key, deadpan delivery. Parts of it may be vulgar, but all of it is funny.

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