Tuesday, August 21, 2007

what talent?

The opening number of tonight's "America's Got Talent" was nothing short of atrocious. They brought back the top ten finalists to butcher "Celebration." Last week I thought that a singer would win the top prize. Based on that song, I started thinking that ventriloquist Terry Fator had a real shot at the million. His puppets are better singers than any of the other performers.

Sean Kingston came on to sing "Beautiful Girls" with Butterscotch. Except that he didn't sing. He didn't even try to lip-sync. They played a track of his song while Sean and Butterscotch made random noises into their microphones. Kermit the Frog sang with Terry Fator and his puppet who looks like Tony Bennett but sounded like James Taylor. The next two finalists were completely forgettable. I don't think the professional country singer who performed with Julienne Irwin could have made the finals of this show as a contestant.

Is Hasselhoff in on the joke? Did he ask the producers if he could go on stage and embarrass himself with a song from "Jekyll & Hyde" or did they trick him into doing it, knowing it would create a moment of train wreck television? I can't wait for someone to post his song online. If he hit any of the right notes, it was by accident. The show hasn't ended yet on the West Coast so I won't reveal the results here. Check the comments if you must know.

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Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Just finished watching the show on TiVo. Terry Fator wins!! My wife is so happy. She saw him perform in person before he was famous.

Anonymous nyeboy9 said...

I stopped watching hat show when it got to the live performances. It just didn't feel the same as last year with Regis Philbin. The contestants weren't good, the judges thought a guy named "BoyShakira" (excuse the spelling if wrong) could actually win. Honestly, I don't see how the show can survive after a horrid season like this one was.


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