Saturday, September 29, 2007

once, twice, three times a mallow

The Union Square Marshmallow Fluff Fest has been turning up in my search results lately. Some people searching for information about it are finding what I wrote about last year's festival. My blog entry got linked from the official site. Unfortunately they think my name is Frank Miller. The second annual Fluff Fest was held today in Somerville, Massachusetts. Like everyone else, they must have scheduled their festival around the Vols.

Whoopi Goldberg was waving a box of Mallomars on "The View" this past week. She said it was the first day that the seasonal treat was back in stores. I've also gotten a few page hits recently from people searching for Mallomars. I wrote about buying some last October. Maybe they'll have some tomorrow when I go to buy salad.

I didn't see any Mallomars the last time I went to Wal-Mart. As I pushed my shopping cart past a refrigerated case, I thought I saw some miniature marshmallows out of the corner of my eye. Marshmallows in the refrigerated section? Yup, they're part of a S'mores Dessert Pizza.

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Blogger Frank Murphy said...

As promised, I did look for Mallomars at Wal-Mart today but did not see any. Feel free to post your own Mallomar sightings here.

Blogger Stephanie said...

Frank, that s'mores pizza looks so good. I think I might go get one and eat a piece for you!

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Mallomar update... I finally saw some at the Wal-Mart yesterday and bought one box. Today I had two cookies with my four ounces of skim milk. Good luck finding yours!


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