Wednesday, September 26, 2007

that is the question

To Skype or not to Skype? I haven't joined even though my wife's brother has been spreading the Skype hype throughout the family for some time. I figured that I didn't have anybody to Skype with. As it is, I barely talk on the phone with anyone other than my wife. Who would I talk with over the Internet? Maybe if some of my friends from DC or LA had the Skype, I could chat with them during the hour that I struggle to stay awake each day before picking up the carpool at school. Not only does my wife seem interested in the Skype, she might even want to get a webcam to go with it. While her brother visited this past weekend, they used his computer to Skype all the way over to England for a video chat with their sister. Do you have any recommendations for an inexpensive webcam that works well? Are you one of my old friends interested in talking over the Internet? Is the Skype really free or is there a catch?

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Anonymous J said...

I did talk to someone at work. There is a small fee for calling cell phones, landlines and other internet based phones, but skype to skype is supposedly free.

I will continue to ask people here at work about it.

Blogger Steve Barden said...

Frank, skype-to-skype is free. I use it to video chat with my daughter in Oklahoma. She's on a Mac and I'm on a PC. We tried to use IM (Instant Messenger) but it doesn't work cross platform. Skype works beautifully!


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