Friday, October 26, 2007

bon voyage

Abby Ham is leaving Knoxville. The announcement was made early this morning on TV. Terry Morrow has more details. Abby received a nice promotion from Gannett and will relocate to Cleveland to fill an opening at WKYC. An anonymous insider tipped us off to that possibility when they posted the rumor in a blog comment almost a month ago.

I wish Abby all the best. Of course I'll miss her. It doesn't surprise me that she is moving on to a larger market. I almost predicted as much when I first wrote about her a year and a half ago. When she got promoted to the morning shift at WBIR, it meant that I wouldn't be able to watch unless I recorded her 5:00 to 7:00 a.m newscast on my TiVo. That was too much to ask, even of me. I would look for Abby on the noon news, but never seemed to catch her. Instead I started watching the noon news on WVLT (or its 12:30 replay on WVLT-2 so that I don't miss Tearsa Smith on WATE) when they made Stacy McCloud the permanent co-anchor. Stacy curried even more favor with me when she posted a comment on Wednesday's blog entry.

Good luck in Cleveland, Abby! Send us a photo of yourself with the World's Largest Rubber Stamp.

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Blogger Byron Chesney said...

Nice post, I'm afraid I wasn't as jubilant with mine. I knew the handwriting was on the wall but I've been in a state of denial.

Anonymous bean said...

congratulations to your wife, frank, on a job well done. my wife wants to know how jere was able to orchestrate abby ham's transfer out of state.

donna has some names on her "tv competition list" that she wants to try to have relocated.

have a great weekend and if you don't come visit soon, i'll cry.

Anonymous Lindsay said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Frank. ;)


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