Tuesday, October 09, 2007

pluggin' along

The funny and talented Larry Wachs sent me (and probably everyone else he knows) an email today announcing his new project "What's Your Story?" on SuperDeluxe.com, one of the Turner Networks websites. Some promos are online now. The first episode debuts on October 19th. Each week, Larry will comment on the news stories suggested by his viewers. He is a radio personality who used to be on the air in Atlanta, Los Angeles and several other cities.

Another recent email came from a well-meaning filmmaker, offering me the opportunity to book a Los Angeles radio interview to promote "The Junior Defenders." The movie's concept intrigues me:
A crazed fan who goes on a mission to kidnap the former cast of a 1970s kids superhero show in order to produce his own episode. He steals a Winnebago, brings the show's ex-child stars back to Hollywood, takes over a soundstage, and then forces them to act in a new episode of the show.
Watching the Junior Defenders trailer, I was reminded of the "Underdog" themesong and of the way "Batman" was canceled fairly quickly without a series finale. A Boston Globe article describes the ten year odyssey to this weekend's midnight screening at the Landmark Regent Theatre in Westwood Village. Ally Sheedy is the best known name in the movie, which was filmed in 1997 but was re-cut with some new material a couple of years ago. It comes out on DVD and Video-on-Demand on October 23.

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