Wednesday, November 07, 2007

cheese and oxygen

The best known pizza place in East Tennessee used to be off limits to me. I had been to Big Ed's Pizza in Oak Ridge when I was new to the area but found the place filled with cigarette smoke. Despite my love of pizza, I knew I could never return. Fortunately the smoking ban that went into effect last month has opened some doors for me. The giant caricature of Big Ed in the window is probably inviting to most, however it was the no-smoking sign on the door that said "welcome" to me.

I asked our waitress if I could order a salad. "We only sell pizza," was her response. Without any acrid smoke to interfere with the taste, I could finally understand why everyone loves Big Ed's. The pizza was really good, especially the crust. They make their own dough at Big Ed's and it shows. The tiny paper plates and super thin napkins make eating a little more challenging than at most restaurants.

On my first trip to Big Ed's, I got one of their famous t-shirts. At the time I needed size XXL, which is now way too big for me. The thought of the smoke kept me from going back to get a free shirt on my last birthday. Now that the air is smoke-free, I can make plans to pick up a size L shirt next year.

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Anonymous 101 said...

Big Ed's...what an East Tn classic!

Anonymous Stacy said...

Hey Frank,

It's stacy ...

When you go to Big Ed's next time, eat a slice for me!!
I always LOVED Big Ed's pizza in Oak Ridge and Charlies Pizza in LaFollette (being from campbell county, those are the two pizza places I always went to). But since my diagnosis with Celiac Disease a year ago , I of course can't eat Big Ed's Pizza :( :( :(
So make sure and enjoy for me next time you do get a yummy slice!

However I am very, very, grateful that I can eat ROMAN'S PIZZA here in west knoxville (which i think in it's own way is just as good if not better than Big Ed's).
I can eat Roman's because he makes fresh from the brick oven Gluten Free Pizza's made to order!!
David, the owner, is the nicest man ever!!! He called me one day about a year ago to ask me why I hadn't been in to see him .. when I told him it was because I could no longer eat pizza because of the gluten in it .. he said "well, what can we do so you can eat pizza again" Alot of discussions, research, and practice later ... in three months he served his first Gluten Free pizza ... it is soooooo good and myself and all us other Celiacs are so grateful to be able to go out and have pizza!!
Maybe we can get Big Ed's on board so Oak Ridge Celiac's can have hometown pizza!

Have a great weekend,

Stacy McCloud

Anonymous Big Ed said...

Yo. We got Pizza or beer.

You got a problem with that?

Anonymous Tish said...

I have been hearing about Big Ed's forever, and I never have gone there! I have a season subscription to Oak Ridge Playhouse, just around the corner. I'll grab a pizza the next time I'm out there! :)


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