Tuesday, November 13, 2007

comfort food

Mashed potatoes are as much a part of Thanksgiving as turkey in my family. It's usually my job to do the mashing while adding milk, butter, salt and pepper. In more recent years, I would add garlic too. This past summer, my daughter made me some mashed cauliflower as a lower calorie replacement for potatoes. The taste was good enough to definitely try again but probably not on Thanksgiving.

At a recent family wedding, my wife saw an example of a hot new trend in catering, the mashed potato bar. The spuds are served in martini glasses with an array of meats, cheese and vegetables available as toppings for each guest to customize their own. Since I wasn't there, she took some pictures for me to see:

Other bloggers have also encountered mashed potato bars. They described the excitement they felt and the other toppings they would have liked. It makes me wish I had gone to the wedding.

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Anonymous Jere (Frank's wife) said...

I loved the idea, and the toppings were great. However, I was little disappointed in the actual mashed potatoes. They were too thin, and when you added the topping they became even runnier. I prefer thick taters - but not too lumpy.

It was a really lovely wedding, and I wish you could have come with us.


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