Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Monday nights bring a plethora of TV choices. On my upstairs TiVo I record "How I Met Your Mother" and "Aliens in America." I have a large backlog of episodes of both series that will help tide me over during the writers strike.

On the HD DVR, I record four other series. My wife and I watch "Dancing With the Stars" together and sometimes vote for our favorites. To do that, we make sure to watch it on Monday nights as soon as she gets home from the weekly Knoxville Choral Society rehearsal. It's funny to see random celebrities in the audience. Florence Henderson has been there a lot. On tonight's final show, I saw Gloria Allred sitting in the front row. You don't think they'll turn up as dancers on a future season, do you?

My wife and son watch "Chuck" and "Heroes" with me. We try to stay current with both shows, meaning we usually watch them within seven days. "Chuck" has been consistently enjoyable while "Heroes" has gotten better, except when Maya and her brother are on screen. When the others are out of the room, I get to watch "Journeyman," which I have previously described as a guilty pleasure.

During the past few episodes, I felt like I missed something on "Journeyman." It's as if they left out scenes in which Dan explains his time travel to his brother. I looked online for reviews that would explain the episodes and ended up finding yet another guilty pleasure. The reviewer on a site called "The Recapist" hates "Journeyman." Absolutely hates it. But that's why M. Wilson Burdorff's reviews are so much fun to read. He eviscerates the show, pointing out all the plot holes and timeline inconsistencies. The negative reviews give me all the more reason to tune in. I don't want to miss a single reference in the recap. On last night's show, Dan traveled back to 1980 after being shot. The emergency room doctor was intrigued by Dan's iPhone. The Recapist posted a photo of that scene with the clever caption: "Steven! It's your cousin, Marvin! Marvin Jobs!"

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Blogger Monica said...

Thanks for the link to The Recapist, since I don't have TiVo this can help me catch up on shows I have missed that I want to see that don't have their episodes on the net. Thanks again. :-)

Anonymous Heather said...

Thanks for sharing the recapist! It's awesome. Definately something an "ausehole" can love!!

Anonymous Michael said...

My wife and I enjoy Journeyman as well, even with the plot holes. We also thought we somehow missed an episode. Obviously he talked to his brother about his time traveling but they forgot to include it in an episode. Very strange. I thought I was going crazy. I even checked the recaps online.

Blogger Kyra said...

Frank, what do you think of Tin Man? Do you think it is going to be a good show or not? I watch very little and wanted to get a recommendation first.

Anonymous burdorff said...

Wow, thanks for the shout-out. Google is a weird thing when you punch in your own name. I'm glad someone out there is as confounded by this show as much as I am. And it could have been so much more!


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