Friday, November 23, 2007


Kathy's husband Keith told me that they've never seen "South Park." Although known for his good sense of humor, he was being completely serious. This means that Kathy truly had no idea that her chocolate-covered marshmallow men looked exactly like the Santa-hat-wearing character from the show. The fact that she didn't know makes the coincidence all the funnier. Weird Ralph must have agreed. He submitted the blog entry to

After reading the post, Kathy and Keith felt compelled to bring me some of her cream-filled cupcakes with ganache icing. It was absolutely delicious.

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Blogger Chris said...

Heeeiiiiiidi hooooooooo!

I will forever associate Mr. Hanky with Christmas in Tn. The first time we ever came to TN was to visit the inlaws in Cocke County on a very cold Christmas. During this visit was the first time I ever saw South Park and it was the Mr. Hanky episode the first time it aired.

I remember wishing it would stop so I could breathe, we were laughing so hard. We ended up moving to TN in 2000, but when the temps get extra cold around Christmas, I still swear I can hear that tiny voice.....

Santa Claus is on his way
He's loaded goodies on his sleigh
To drop them off on Christmas Day
And I'll say

Howdy Ho!


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