Friday, November 16, 2007

monkey, meet back

The high school football season ended tonight. Well, maybe not for everybody but it did for me. After getting chilled to the core in the stands tonight, my schedule is suddenly free next Friday. Knoxville Catholic High School, favorites to win the state championship, lost in the playoffs again this year. Four of their past five regular seasons have been perfect. Over the last five years, their regular season record is an incredible 49-1. Yet each year a playoff loss keeps them from reaching the championship game and winning the title they deserve.

I thought Jeffrey Faris would confuse the TV sportscasters by wearing Zach "Mini" Vann's jersey in a tribute to the injured player. WATE and WVLT were not fooled. Only WBIR misidentified Faris as Vann.

I agreed with the fans who were very vocal in their criticism of the referees. Maybe Saturday's newspaper will be able to explain what I thought were questionable calls against Catholic. The Irish scored four touchdowns but made only one extra point. Austin-East also scored four touchdowns but made two of their extra points. As a result, Catholic lost 26-25.

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Blogger Gene said...

Commenting to just report that KCHS stock just took a 50% drop. Father John Orr will no longer be there!

Would appear to be a very poor decision!


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