Wednesday, November 21, 2007

step in the right direction

A truck from T and T Signs was parked at a Pilot Food Mart on Middlebrook Pike on Monday. A new McDonald's sign had been placed against the base of the oversized signpost that I griped about wrote about in January. One of the workers from T and T told me that new sign was narrower and shorter than the golden arches atop the massive pole. The reason for the switch? The old McDonald's sign was too big to be along a scenic route. It wasn't the McDonald's sign or the Pilot sign that bothered me, it's the electronic gas price sign that seems too big and too bright.

My wife has been going to Pilot a lot more often to get her diet soda lately. They have been giving away free Grandma's Cookies with the purchase of any fountain drink or coffee. She gets the beverage, our son gets the cookies. One day while enjoying his chocolate chips, he commented that many East Tennesseans pronounce the word Pilot as if the vowels were reversed. Although it looks like it would sound the same the beginning of "politician," they stretch out the first syllable of "Polit" a bit more. Besides, according to my Cas Walker poster, the word is "polytician" around these parts.

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Blogger bean said...

frank, happy thanksgiving to you and your family and your readers today.

still hoping to see you soon in person.

Anonymous MOM said...

Hi Frank,
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

I remember how delicious that chocolate was when you had a slab at your house. It trully was tremendous.


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