Monday, December 10, 2007

alpha and omega man

Is it possible for me to boycott a movie I was never going to see? The Catholic League and other Christian groups are urging supporters to avoid "The Golden Compass." Okay. Nothing about the story interested me anyway. They're saying that the controversy did put a dent in the box office returns.

As movie ticket prices rise, I've gotten pickier about which films I pay to see. I did pay a little extra to see "Beowulf" in 3D and I might pay a little extra to see "I Am Legend" on the new IMAX screen that opens this week at the Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18. If you want to see the new theater and save some money, you can catch a $2 IMAX screening of "Spider-Man 3" or "300" on Wednesday and Thursday. The money goes to the Empty Stocking Fund.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frank I agree with you about being more selective in my movie choices. The price of a movie is outrageous! I want to make sure it is worth my time and my money.


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