Saturday, December 01, 2007


The first of the month is when I try to do a little bit of blog maintenance. If I add a new bell or whistle, it usually shows up on the first. For example, I added a few things to the sidebar on November 1. Today I put a widget called AddThis on each entry. It makes it easier for you to submit me to Digg or StumbleUpon or several other networking sites. Let me know how well it works for you.

I joined the blogosphere on August 1, 2005. It's an enjoyable hobby which I plan to continue for the foreseeable future. When I write here, I often think of it as a letter to my friends and relatives outside Knoxville, even though very few of them actually read it. I try to keep the topics here separate from those that I bring up on the radio. Sometimes I have to delete reader comments that are too much about the morning show and not enough about the subject at hand. Again, this blog is my hobby, the radio show is my job.

Earlier this week, the radio station webmaster asked all the Star 102.1 deejays to start blogging on the station's official website. I wrote and posted my first entry while I was at work today. My intention is to use that blog to expand upon some things we discuss on the morning show. I will post there a couple of times a week while I'm at work. I'll continue my daily posting here from home. I invite you to click over and read my work blog occasionally. It would make my bosses happy if you did.

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Blogger Monica said...

So now you're going to make me read two blogs? :P I enjoy reading your writing and read on a regular basis, so don't stop posting here no matter how much Kim and Marc make fun of you. I look forward to reading more by you. Thanks for keeping up your blog.


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