Wednesday, December 26, 2007

exchanges and returns

When relatives are separated by many miles, Christmas shopping is easier with the help of a wish list. My wife and I like to use them to send gifts that we know our siblings, nieces and nephews will truly enjoy. She and I each have wish lists of our own that our relatives can view. I also use mine to keep track of books, CDs and DVDs that interest me, often adding them to my list before the items are released. I recently got a gift certificate and will shop for myself from my own wish list. Unfortunately my wife no longer has the password to the wish list she made four years ago. She attempted to update it earlier this month. Instead of simply sending her the forgotten password, Amazon made her start a new list. She now has two wish lists linked to the same email address. When she logs in, she can only access the new list. You can probably guess that one of our generous relatives saw the old list before doing their shopping and sent my wife a couple of items that she already has. There must be a way for her to delete the outdated wish list. Any suggestions?


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