Sunday, December 09, 2007

where's Brookshier?

Andrew Siciliano sounded almost as surprised as I was to hear Pat Summerall calling today's Rams at Bengals game. I thought he had retired two or three times by now. Because the Redskins had already played this week, I was free to enjoy Andrew's amazing expertise on the Red Zone Channel on DirecTV today. Well, technically I watched it on because I was away from home during football time. A couple of times Siciliano switched to the game in Cincinnati when things got slow in all the other games. I think it was just to listen to Summerall. They don't normally flip to a game just as the announcer wraps up the first half and tosses it to commercial.

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Blogger Byron said...

Tag, you're it!

Blogger Brian said...

Summerall calls one or two games each year and still calls the Cotton Bowl for Fox.

He has an informal contract with Fox that still that allows him to also do some voiceover and essay work for The Masters on CBS.


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