Thursday, December 13, 2007

which is better, cake or pie?

The finance department employees at Scripps Networks invited me to be a judge for their cake decorating contest today. When I arrived at the headquarters, I was excited to see that the control room was visible from the lobby.

The contest was inspired by "Ace of Cakes." In fact the first cake I saw looked like Duff Goldman. One of the other judges took off several points because of the unsightly stick propping up Duff's head. Tough room.

The following three cakes tied for first place. A Christmas tree scored points for being completely edible. They used Fruit Rollups for the ribbon and jelly beans for the ornaments. Several of the other cakes had internal supports or plastic decorations.

The Snoopy cake deserved its prize for the working Christmas lights and the little Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I'm not entirely sure about the actual Milk Bones though.

I was also impressed by the cake designed to look like a glass of milk, served with a plate of cookies for Santa. If you look closely, you can see that there is a real glass of milk in the center of the cake.

The contestants and judges each received some small parting gifts from each of the Scripps Networks. We got an apron from Food Network, a folding ruler from DIY and a key fob vial from GAC. What was inside the little waterproof container with the country music network logo on it? Earplugs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe you were here and I didn't even get to say hello. Did you know I worked at Scripps (but in the marketing department). I was in Finance for 5 years though. So glad you could come help them out. I heard from all my friends that it was a lot of fun. Take care. Lori Ingram

Blogger Chairman_B. said...

Having known a couple former master control ops from HGTV, they HATED the "fishbowl" MCR. For one thing, it's not a very labor intensive job. You basically sit by the automation and and make sure it does what it's expected to do and sign-off the log to that effect. Consequently, unless there's an on-air crisis, to the outside observer it doesn't look like you're doing much of anything. And, when there is a crisis you've got the whole world looking over your shoulder. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? But, I guess you get used to it.


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