Monday, December 03, 2007

whose whine is it anyway?

Todd Covert was surprised to hear that he wouldn't be seeing me at the Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood show. The famous improvisers performed in Knoxville last night. Even with the five dollar online discount offered to Einstein Simplified fans, the tickets were too expensive for me. With service charges It would have been about $100 for a pair. Before you get mad, yes I know that I'm spoiled by the free concert tickets I sometimes get. I freely admit it.

I thought there might be a slim chance of getting two of those free tickets by doing a phone interview with one of the stars and posting it on my blog. I sent in a request to record a podcast with Brad last week but didn't hear back. The Daily Beacon talked with Colin while the News Sentinel interviewed Brad. I had to chuckle when Doug Mason misidentified Wayne Brady in the sixth paragraph. He called him Greg Brady.

After the high school swim meet yesterday, one of the other parents approached me. "I heard you'd like to go to the show tonight," she said. My wife was sitting next to me as I replied, "Are you asking me out on a date?" "No," said the other woman, "I'm trying to sell you my extra ticket!" She had purchased tickets to the show and then ended up getting another pair in a silent auction at the Turkey Trot 5K. I asked if the spare was a $45 or $55 ticket. She wanted to sell it for the $45 face value. I declined her kind offer. On the way home, I briefly considered driving down to the Tennessee Theatre at showtime to see if any scalpers were selling tickets for half price or less.

Since I was too cheap to go to the show, I looked online today for any reviews by bloggers who may have been there. The only thing I have found so far are the fan reactions posted on the Colin & Brad site. Apparently Ooltewah was one of the suggestions in a guessing game. If you did get to the show, please tell me about it in the comments.

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Anonymous bjorn knoxley said...

It was a pretty damn funny show. We laughed until it hurt. The mousetraps at the end just about put us over the edge. My wife, who isn't necessarily into improv or Whose Line, had mascara running down her face. The sound effects portion was another highlight.

I was looking for reviews too, but didn't find any.


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