Thursday, January 24, 2008

for the mighty and the bold

Seeing the word Knoxville on the Engadget HD site caused me to do a double take today. They ran a blurb about DirecTV finally offering HD versions of our local channels. I thought about trying to write a whole blog entry about this but two things have distracted me. First of all, I can't find the price for the HD channels on the DirecTV website without placing an order.

Secondly, my wife is making a batch of Oreo truffles as her dessert contribution to the casino night at KCHS on Saturday. If you're going to the Luck of the Irish Party, be sure to sample one of these delicious treats.

The smell of Oreo in the air prompted me to start singing (if you can call it that) the DSRL theme from the new Double Stuf commercials. My wife thought I was trying to sing Dies Irae which is part of several famous requiems, like Mozart's for example.

Since I was so far off tune, I registered at the DSRL website just so I could download the theme song by the Lords of the Future. I even put a copy of it on my mp3 phone. I sent the link to both of my kids too with the warning that the tune was stuck in my head. Here's my daughter's response:
...thanks? now it's stuck in my head forever...grrr
so, what the deuce was that? it sounds like someone playing Guitar Hero on Nintendo Wii. pretty whack...and not just the regular type. no, that was wiggitty-whack

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Anonymous Your Wife (LYM) said...

So did you download the Dies Irae to your mp3 phone too? If I had one, that (from the Durufle Requiem) would be on mine. In fact, that would be a really cool ringtone. I think I can think of a couple of people I would assign the "Wrath of God" ringtone.

Notice you didn't send it to me.

Blogger Craig Thomas said...

Thanks for the update on DirecTV having Knoxville channels in HD, now. I have been waiting and checking on this. I may have to make the switch now. We will see. I think it ends up costing me about the same amount as cable.

Anonymous MaryO said...

Hey Frank,

What is up with that cheesy DSRL Theme Song anyway???? When I heard it, I felt like I was at a Monsters of Rock concert and Night Ranger was on stage with two dueling long-haired guitar players soloing back to back. I admit that I'm a huge classic rock fan but don't ya think they could have picked something a little more current? I mean, come on man! I'm re-naming it the Dopey Stupid Ridiculously Lame Theme Song.

By the way, don't get me started on the whole idiotic DSRL concept in the first place. Sheesh.


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