Sunday, January 20, 2008

no time like the present

The news of Suzanne Pleshette's death wouldn't have caught me off guard today if I had read about her poor health last fall. Instead I was watching her in "The Birds." By coincidence, I just saw her interviewed in the profile of Bob Newhart on "American Masters" that I had recorded last month on PBS and finally watched on Friday night.

The obituaries described her as "husky-voiced' or "smoky-voiced." Listening to her speak, it wasn't much of a surprise that she succumbed to respiratory failure. The longtime smoker had been fighting lung cancer. There's a nice appreciation of Suzanne's work on USA Today's website.

As usual, I hope that when people hear the sad news they will decide to quit smoking.

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Anonymous Jennifer Bohlken said...

I agree. Most people don't realize that the first symptom of lung cancer is typically only felt after the cancer has spread. By then, it is very difficult to treat.

Blogger Barry said...

Strangely, having never watched The Bob Newhart Show (I never got Newhart's brand of humor), I knew Pleshette more from Lion King II. She was the voice of Zira, the evil lioness. Comes from having kids in the house, I guess.


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