Thursday, January 10, 2008

oodles of noodles

Unlike some viewers, I am not suffering from "TiVorexia" because of the writers strike. There are still plenty of shows for me to watch on my assorted DVRs. Here's my advice for those people with nothing to watch: lower your standards. I've started recording some movies on HBO, Cinemax and Starz now that they are broadcast in HD. I haven't watched them yet because I haven't run out of regular shows.

In addition to a backlog of shows like "Smallville" and "Reaper" recorded this fall, I can once again choose to watch every new "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show. The other night Jay Thomas was the guest. I will always be thankful to Jay for casting me as an extra on one episode of his sitcom, "Love & War." He started the segment by saying that he and Jimmy had never met before. It was a little surreal for me. I mean it's not everyday that you see co-workers from two different jobs having a conversation on national television about a third person you know. I worked with Jay at KPWR and with Jimmy at KROQ. Most of the segment centered on Jay's story about going "noodling" for catfish in Oklahoma with my friend Rodney Lee Conover. Rodney now works with Jay at Sirius and also worked at KPWR when I was there.

Jimmy got Jay to name all the cities where he had worked in radio. Knoxville was on the list. I either didn't know or had forgotten that Jay passed through here. I knew that Mark Thompson, a co-worker of mine from KLOS, had Knoxville on his résumé. I think Mark was on the air at WRJZ. Anybody know what station Jay Thomas was on? Sounds like a good question for Knoxville Radio History 101.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jay Thomas was on?"

WKGN..he was there before 73 but I can't remember the exact date. Dr. Al would know.

Sparky (Mark), did over nights for us at WRJZ. CP and I were asked to be on a morning show deal at the R&R convention in Atlanta and Sparky wanted to go. Our rooms and Kagan's room was paid for, John Boy went and Jay Jarvis just paid for a room for John.

Anyway Sparky shows up in my room about 3 in the morning with NO place to sleep. I guess he was knocking back about 160 a week doing over nights back then and was very broke. I told him to go to CP's room...CP told him to go to...well you and here he comes back. I wouldn't open the door but he kept yelling in the hall about sleeping on the floor.

I ended up letting him in and the next morning he was sleeping in the bathtub!

We liked Sparky because unlike MOST overnight guys he would still be in the control room when we rolled in at 6:01. Also I remember he dated (yes she was single) a outstanding looking sale woman who was at least 4 inches taller than him.

Sparky was a trip...who would have thought he would do so well!


Anonymous 101 said...

Good morning Frank! Thanks for the plug...Jay was on WKGN, way back when!

Blogger Bill Burkett said...


Jay and I worked together at George Mooney's WBSR in Pensacola in 1968. Our PD at the time--Jerry Ray--was promoted to the same position at 'KGN, where he brough Jay in for nights. While in Knoxville, Jay attended UT before moving on to Peabody in Nashville and working at WKDA.


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